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$8.8 Trillion
Arctic Energy
Fire Sale

Rock-bottom energy prices have
shortsighted investors running for the exits.

And it’s created the biggest buying opportunity
of your investing lifetime.

“Buy when there’s blood running in the streets.”
—Baron Nathan Rothschild, Rothschild Financial Dynasty

Dear Reader,

Time is of the essence, so I’ll get right to the point.

Two immense but seemingly unrelated trends have collided.

In their wake, they’ve left a once-in-a-lifetime profit opportunity.

It’s an opportunity that could hand you gains of up to 1,324%—if you’re bold enough to take action at the end of this letter.

It’s also an opportunity that only promises to be around for a very short time.

When I show you what these two trends are, you may not see the connection at first.

But when I’m finished, I promise you—you’ll want to make your move.

Because it may only be days before the window on this profitable situation slams shut and your chance to turn $10,000 into $142,400 is gone forever.

Before we go any further, though, it’s critical for you to understand how a shrewd move by one surprising country laid the groundwork for all of this to happen.

You see, on December 9th of 2013, while most of us were making plans for the holidays…

… Canada was busy laying plans of its own.

Only its plans were far more aggressive.

Because that’s the day the Maple Leaf nation “seized” the North Pole.

Here’s what Canada’s Foreign Minister John Baird said that day: “We are determined to ensure that all Canadians benefit from the tremendous resources that are to be found in Canada’s far north.”

Of course they are.

In case you didn’t know it, the Arctic is home to the world’s last—and greatest—untapped energy reserves.

The United States Geological Society estimates that the North Pole is home to 90 billion barrels of oil and 1,670 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

That’s 15% of the world’s undiscovered oil and 30% of its natural gas.

Energy Resources in the Arctic

And at the time Baird verbally planted Canada’s flag on the North Pole, that much energy was worth a stunning $8.8 trillion.

But it’s a different story right now.

Oil prices have plunged 50% since then.

Today, that energy is “only” worth $4.4 trillion.

And while that’s bad news if you were buying oil stocks at $100 a barrel, thinking it would go to $200… it’s great news if you’re looking for a “fire sale kind of bargain” on energy stocks.

Because there’s no better time than now to buy into the world’s largest untapped reserves…

Think about it. Virtually no one—including myself—believed energy prices would plummet to where they are now when Canada verbally seized the North Pole.

And I certainly didn’t plan on this headline showing up on National Public Radio at exactly the same time…

Arctic Is Warming Twice As Fast As Anyplace Else on Earth—12/18/2014

But I’m sure glad it did.

Because together, plunging energy prices and melting Arctic ice have created the ULTIMATE buying opportunity.

And it’s happening right now. Today.

You may think I’m crazy.

After all, who’s going to tell you to buy energy stocks when the market is kicking them in the teeth?

And what does melting ice have to do with it?

In the next few minutes, I’m going to explain it all.

I’ll also prove to you how snapping up shares of five very special companies I’ve found could net you gains of up to 1,324%.

I’m not exaggerating.

The last time I saw an opportunity loaded with this much potential was when Continental Resources snapped up massive amounts of energy-rich land and returned a cool 662% to investors in just over five years.

662% Gain!

That was good enough to turn a modest $10,000 stake into $76,200.

But here’s the thing: I believe the gains you’ll see from some of the companies I’m going to show you today will be at least twice that big.

That means you’ll have the opportunity to turn $10,000 into a staggering $142,400.

Not just once… but five times!

Their names—and all their lucrative details—are in an exclusive special report I’ve prepared.

It’s critical that you get a copy and read it today.

Because using history as a guide, the price of oil could shoot back up any day now, causing you to miss out on a massive chunk of the profits.

Think about it. In 1998, oil prices hit their lowest level ever at $10.73 a barrel. Less than six months later, the price was $19.28 a barrel.

That’s an 80% increase.

But it’s not the only time oil has snapped “back to reality” like that.

In 2001, oil hit another unthinkable low of $17.48. Six months later, it clocked in at $29.38—a 68% increase.

My point is clear: Oil prices are going to rise again, and it could start happening as early as, well, today.

That’s why I want to send you a copy of my special report.

I’ll show you how to reserve one for yourself in just a minute.

Before I do, let me introduce myself.

Hi, my name is Deon Vernooy. I’m the Chief Investment Strategist for the investment advisory service Canadian Edge.

For 27 years, I’ve been making some noise in the stock dividend-investing business with the gains I’ll show you and my readers.

If you’re serious about building your wealth without relying entirely on U.S. stocks, then I think you’ll love what you’re going to see next.

Because my readers who invested just 10 years ago are sitting on gains like…

  • 395.1% in energy
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  • 178.6% in utilities

At the very least, any one of these companies would have easily turned a $10,000 stake into $38,100.

And the best of them could have turned a $10,000 investment into $137,200!

That’s the kind of portfolio-stuffer that brings your retirement dreams (like that shiny convertible you’ve had your eye on, or paying for your grandkids’ college) into sharp focus.

But here’s the part that should excite you the most.

The five companies I’ll detail for you today could be every bit as big as these.

Two in particular, I expect, will do even better.

For most folks, winners this big would be more than they could ever dream of seeing.

But there’s far more to investing in Canadian stocks than just massive gains.

Because most Canadian companies deliver unusually high dividends, too.

Take a look at the massive yields my readers are enjoying right now…

  • Real estate investment trust—current yield: 6.63%
  • Real estate investment trust—current yield: 5.76%
  • Consumer cyclicals—current yield: 5.41%
  • Telecommunications—current yield: 4.57%
  • Energy—current yield: 4.57%
  • Consumer noncyclicals—current yield: 4.46%

I assure you, these are not typos.

Smart investors know Canada is famous for being one of the best places to get the investing world’s version of the ultimate win-win: big capital gains and generous dividends.

It’s one of the reasons I helped found Canadian Edge, and it’s definitely the main reason my readers love it.

Don’t just take my word for it, though. Here’s what Eugene from Florida wrote in to say…

“I manage my son’s account, and it was up 101% last year. My own account is now in the seven figures, and the monthly dividends are just wonderful. Keep up the good work.”

R. Jambro is a happy man, too. Here’s a note he sent me recently…

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But nothing tops this letter from Chris in Maryland…

“I am taking care of my mother who is 82 and in a nursing home. Your advice has been able to keep her comfortable [even though] nursing care is so expensive. I now have a great income-producing portfolio that doesn’t dip like the Dow or NASDAQ on bad days and goes up in value almost every day.”

Whatever your retirement goals are—whether it’s a seven-figure brokerage account or the ability to provide your parents with the care they deserve as they age—Canadian Edge delivers them to its subscribers.

And today’s your chance to join them.

The situation I’m about to show you is packed with every bit as much potential as any of the ones that created the gains above.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know there’s an enormous shift going on in the world’s energy markets.

Oil prices around the globe have plunged.

And it’s created a once-in-a-lifetime buying opportunity.

What follows in this letter will ultimately lead you to the winners. Winners that could dwarf everything I’ve just shown you.

I’ve prepared a special report detailing everything you need to know about the situation and how to profit from it.

I’ll show you how to secure a copy in just a minute.

First, let me back up and show you why…

Canada Seized the North Pole

What’s So Special About the Northwest Passage?

Here at Investing Daily, we’re agnostic when it comes to the debate on global warming.

But no matter where you stand, you can’t argue that the ice is melting.

Especially with the pictures to the left.

And the lack of ice has opened one of the most coveted—and impassable—shipping routes known to man: the Northwest Passage.

What’s so special about it? It creates a direct route to China.

A route that promises to save staggering amounts of time and money.

Recently, massive cargo ships sailed through the passage—just to prove it was possible.

Months ago, a massive ship sailed from Canada to Finland. The shortcut shaved 1,000 miles off the trip and allowed the ship to carry 25% more cargo.

In all, it saved the owners $200,000.

On a single trip.

Now imagine that savings playing out on ship after ship… trip after trip… year after year.

Bottom line: The opening of the Arctic shipping routes is a game-changer.

And Canada seized the opportunity.

You wouldn’t know it by watching the news about America’s energy boom, but Canada has a massive treasure trove of oil, too.

One that’s six-and-a-half times bigger than ours.

In fact, the Maple Leaf nation is sitting on over 173 billion barrels of oil.

That makes it the third-largest proven reserves in the world.

And we are Canada’s biggest customer.

In 2013, a staggering 97% of Canadian oil ended up in the United States.

It’s a number that goes up virtually every year—even in light of our energy boom.

There’s a problem with that, though.

And Canada’s leaders know it.

It gives us far too much power over them.

President Obama’s veto of the Keystone XL proves it.

Worse, even with us soaking up massive amounts of Canadian oil…

… Canada still has plenty to spare.

So when Canada laid claim to the North Pole late in 2013, a lot of people were shocked.

Why would they want MORE oil and natural gas when their biggest customer is unlocking more and more of its own—a move that could ultimately lead to them needing significantly less Canadian oil and gas?

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, and in this case, I agree.

Take a look.

Energy Resources in the Arctic


Let me connect the dots for you with another picture.

Canada to China

The melting ice has opened what could become the energy world’s version of a new “Silk Road” directly to the one place that needs it most—China.

China's oil consumption

Who can blame Canada for wanting China as a customer?

In 2010, we imported a staggering $92 billion in oil and natural gas from Canada.

China is using so much oil that they just passed us as the largest importer of petroleum in the world.

Imagine the kind of money Canada can make by selling oil to China, too.

Imagine the kind of leverage they’ll have by finding a new, bigger customer.

That’s right. Forget the Keystone XL. Forget the cozy relationship we had with our northern neighbors.

The minute Canada “seized” the North Pole, they put us in their rear-view mirror and guaranteed that their new customer will have all the oil they need.

When it happened, I saw the genius in what they were doing right away.

And trust me, I wanted to tell everyone who would listen what was going on.

But I knew the timing wasn’t right.

Because I also saw what was coming next.

Massive Oil Supplies Trigger Crash

Oil is a commodity.

And whether anyone likes it, its price moves in relation to supply and demand.

Think about it. When oil supplies are low, it becomes more valuable and the prices rise.

When prices rise, more drillers want to produce oil to make more money.

As they do, supplies rise again… and eventually, prices fall.

When prices fall, inefficient producers shut down production because they can’t make money at the lower prices.

At the same time, more people use the fuel because it’s cheaper.

“Now with gasoline at almost $2/gallon on average nationwide, U.S. gasoline demand has not only recovered, but is at all-time seasonal highs and likely to be at record highs through 2015.”—Morgan Downey, CEO,

Both of these things drive supplies down—and eventually, prices rise again.

It’s almost as predictable as the tides in the ocean.

Take a look at this run-up on prices, and then the crash…

A Global Recession Crushed Oil Demand

If you’re thinking this chart is from today, I assure you, it’s not.

It’s from 2004 to the end of 2008!

And just so you know, here’s what happened right after that…

Oil Prices Rose

And, of course, I knew what was coming next…

Oil Prices Tanked!

That’s right—oil prices cratered again.

You can blame it on the prolific amounts of oil the United States is churning out.

You can blame it on the so-called price war OPEC is waging on America’s drillers.

You can blame it on both of them, or any number of other things.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what caused it.

All you really need to know is what happened because of it.

Canadian Energy Stocks Are On Sale

The drop in oil prices has taken energy stocks down right along with them.

And short-sighted investors are running for the exits.

But they’re making a critical mistake.

They should be BUYING, not selling.

Business Insider agrees. Here’s a headline they ran recently…

The Oil Crash Has Provided a
Once-in-a-Generation Opportunity

Take a look at this chart from one of the stocks I’ll show you in my special report.

Its share price hasn’t been this low since 2011. That means it’s a flat-out bargain.

Plunging Prices Have Created the Ultimate Buying Opportunity

And that’s why you need to get positioned right now. Today!

To help you, I’ve prepared a special report called “How to Profit from Canada’s Arctic Fire Sale.”

Inside, I’ll give you the name and ticker symbol of this “fire sale” stock and four other Canadian energy companies that stand to profit the most when oil prices recover.

Remember, in 1998, oil prices rose 80% in six months. And in 2001, they rose 68% in six months.

When you start seeing quotes like this, you know it could be only days before prices take off again…

“We believe the current supply/demand dynamics today are even more conducive for a quick snap-back and a subsequent stabilization at higher crude prices.”—Henry To, Benzinga

I’ll send you a copy of “How to Profit from Canada’s Arctic Fire Sale” when you agree to take a 90-day risk-free test-drive of my research advisory, Canadian Edge.

Before I show you how, let me explain why you must take action today.

Energy Stocks Will Rise Again—It’s Inevitable

If you take anything away from the oil price charts I just showed you, I want it to be that oil prices will rise again.

It’s inevitable, just like the tides.

Here’s what former Shell Oil president John Hofmeister says about the prospect of oil prices going up: “The next round of high prices is likely to start later this year, as crude rebounds to the $80s and $90s, perhaps pushing to the $100 level by late in the year or early next year.”

Now remember, Mr. Hofmeister isn’t a talking head or some desk-jockey economist. He’s the former president of a massive oil company.

If anyone is qualified to speak to the subject of when oil prices will rise, it’s him.

And that means one thing: You’ll have the last laugh when oil goes back over $100 a barrel AND Canada starts pumping from the secret new reserves they’ve claimed.

It’s going to happen and sooner than anyone believes.

Think about it. No one is happy with $45 oil.

OPEC—despite the assertion that they won’t cut production—can’t afford to keep the flow of oil going at $45 a barrel.

Sure, Saudi Arabia can. But other OPEC members like Venezuela, Iran, Iraq and Kuwait can’t.

They rely on $100 oil to fund everything their nations do. From health care to welfare to education, oil pays for it all.

In those nations, oil buys domestic peace.

The Saudis understand that. And they know they can’t afford to have their neighbor nations become dangerously unstable.

“They didn’t say they wouldn’t cut [production], but OPEC will have to cut and that is what’s going to happen. The Saudis are the ones that make the cut. They can take $70 oil and take it out 10 years—they have the cash reserves that allow them to do that. But they can’t do that to the rest of OPEC.”—T. Boone Pickens, CEO of BP Capital Management

The next OPEC meeting isn’t scheduled until July, but they’ve been known to call emergency meetings—and nothing strikes me as more of an emergency than this.

When the cut happens, billionaire oilman T. Boone Pickens predicts that oil will quickly rebound to $100.

That would be a 132% increase from where it stands now.

Imagine what that will do to any oil company’s share prices.

But OPEC members aren’t the only ones that can’t live with $45 oil.

Only a handful of oil companies in the U.S. can weather the storm… and they’re BIG OIL.

Exxon’s CEO was just in the news saying they have no problem with $40 oil.

Of course not! Because it’ll crush the little guys.

Then they’ll swoop in, snap up the smaller players and shutter half the wells.

And remember what cutting supplies does—it drives prices back up.

“We have never seen two down years in a row outside of a recession—so if you are indeed of a bearish mindset for the energy sector for the coming year, keep that in mind; you are making an implicit bet on a U.S. or global recession (low odds, in my view).”—David Rosenberg, Chief Economist at Gluskin Sheff & Associates

Here’s the best part: It doesn’t matter which of these scenarios drives oil prices back to $100.

The point is, oil prices are going back up.

Remember the chart of the company I just showed you?

Just a return to $105 oil would net you a gain of 136%, if you buy it today when you get its details in the special report.

But what happens as America’s energy boom runs out of steam, or if the Middle East suddenly destabilizes even more and a key producer (or producers) goes offline?

Oil prices will easily climb to $140. Probably a lot higher.

If that sounds too farfetched given what’s happening now, then you may be suffering from a memory lapse.

Because it wasn’t that long ago that CNN blared this headline…

Oil surges $11 to record $138

It was June 6, 2008, to be exact.

The spike was caused, in part, by what CNN described as “concerns about instability” in the Middle East.

That part of the world has exploded into conflict many, many times. So ruling that out now is pure folly.

Let’s face it: The chances of oil hitting that number (and higher) are far more likely than oil prices staying where they are now.

Countries like China and India—with populations over a billion strong… and growing—are using more and more energy every year.

And don’t forget, Americans are set to use record amounts of gasoline in 2015 thanks to $2/gallon pricing, too.

Canada seized the last untapped reserves of oil on the planet because they know the inevitable truth.

The world will never use less oil.

You could be a beneficiary of one of the biggest coups in the history of energy investing.

And for now… you can buy in for pennies on the dollar.

All you need to do is grab shares of the five companies I’ll detail for you in my special report, “How to Profit from Canada’s Arctic Fire Sale.”

Your free copy will arrive in your inbox minutes after you agree to test-drive Canadian Edge.

Here’s a small sample of the profitable opportunities you’ll find inside.

Arctic Fire Sale Opportunity #1: Obama’s veto of the Keystone XL Pipeline means Canada only has three directions it can get its oil to customers (like China) that are willing to pay a premium for it: north, west and east.

But rather than sitting back and hoping for the best, the Maple Leaf nation has been working overtime to get the oil to a port.

Any port!

That even includes sending it north to the Arctic now that the shipping routes are open.

Here’s a map with existing and proposed pipelines.

Pipeline race

And that leads me to your first lucrative profit opportunity…

I’ve found a company that has proposed a 2,700-mile-long, $12 billion pipeline from the Alberta oil sands to the East Coast.

When completed, it will move 1.1 million barrels of oil a day to the east coast of New Brunswick, and eventually on to energy-hungry customers like China.

The important thing to remember about building a pipeline to the east is that before the Arctic shipping routes became a possibility, shipping oil and gas to China would have only been possible from the West Coast.

But the melting ice is offering up a new, compelling alternative.

And if you’re thinking, “What about going south, then west through the Panama Canal?”, forget about it. That’s far too long of a voyage. Remember, in the shipping world, time is money.

But now that Arctic shipping routes are in play, this pipeline has become a much more viable option.

This company already owns or has a stake in 42,000 miles of natural gas pipelines that move over 15 billion cubic feet of gas a day, too.

That’s more than 20% of North American demand!

With that amount of existing infrastructure, it’s a sure winner now—and it’ll be an even bigger winner when the Arctic energy starts flowing.

Gains of 1,324% aren’t out of the question.

I’ll give you all the profitable details in my special report.

Arctic Fire Sale Opportunity #2: This pipeline opportunity is already a proven winner, showing some of my readers a staggering 1,007% gain.

The good news is I think it still has room to run and can show you a handsome return, too.

In the past four months, it’s shed 35% from share prices as shortsighted investors headed for the exits.

That means just one thing: It’s a screaming buy right now.

Think about it. As soon as oil prices start their climb, so will share prices.

That means in the coming months, it could tack on 53% (or more) to share prices as the cost of oil snaps back to reality.

But there’s far, far more to its growth story than simply a rebound in oil prices.

Because on top of a contracted one million barrels a day of oil sands crude (that’s guaranteed cash flow), this company also owns:

  • Transportation infrastructure
  • Storage infrastructure
  • Natural gas processing facilities that separate natural gas liquids from methane

It’s currently in the middle of two aggressive expansion projects, too.

One will increase its natural gas processing capacity to a staggering 1.2 billion cubic feet per day.

And the other will add 540,000 barrels of oil storage to capacity.

That doesn’t sound like a company that thinks oil demand—and prices—will stay low for long.

Bottom line: Every service this company provides is essential to Canada’s coming Arctic energy transportation boom.

When the oil and natural gas starts flowing from the North Pole, they’ll get their share of the business—and could easily hand you gains of 1,007%… again.

But only if you take action and get a copy of the special report today.

Arctic Fire Sale Opportunity #3 has built and operated energy infrastructure throughout North America for 60-plus years.

That means they have pipelines that tap into gas supply basins over the entire country of Canada.

With more production from oil sands in Alberta and a growing demand for reliable sources of energy, this country can command the highest pricing levels.

Higher prices translate to higher profits.

That’s especially important when you know it has new projects lined up that will increase its production by 20% this year.

But once again, that simply means the best time to buy is... NOW.

As oil prices return to normal, so will share prices.

That alone will hand you a 136% gain!

It’s already returned over 740% to a select group of my Canadian Edge subscribers.

And I don’t see any reason it can’t double that number.

How to Profit from Canada's Arctic Fire SaleYou’ll get its name, along with two more solid Canadian energy plays that have already handed subscribers total returns of 1,271% and 378%, in my special report, “How to Profit from Canada’s Arctic Fire Sale.”

This valuable, time-sensitive report includes ticker symbols and prices to buy under for all five Arctic Fire Sale Opportunities.

I’ll send it to you the minute you agree to…

Give Canadian Edge a Risk-Free Try

I hope by now you can see how explosive this situation has become.

Canada laid claim to $8.8 trillion of oil and natural gas just over a year ago.

In total, it was 15% of the world’s undiscovered oil and 30% of its natural gas.

And today, you can buy shares of the companies that stand to benefit the most for literally pennies on the dollar.

Urgent Editor’s Note!

Canadian Stocks Are On Sale

You probably haven’t been keeping track of what’s going on with exchange rates between the Canadian dollar and U.S. dollar. Frankly, not many people do.

But I have.

And here’s what I’ve seen: a huge falloff.

Just two years ago, a Canadian dollar was worth about the same as a U.S. dollar.

But not any longer. The U.S. dollar now buys $1.21 of Canadian money.

That means a Canadian dollar is only worth 82 cents.

I’m not going to bore you with the larger economic picture that caused this drop.

All you really need to know is that for as long as the Canadian dollar remains weaker than the U.S. dollar, Canadian stocks are on sale.

And right now it’s a 18%-off sale!

So if the Canadian dollar just ekes its way back to even par with our dollar, you’d pick up a cool 18% on just the currency exchange alone.

Remember, that’s on top of any gains you’ll see when oil prices—and their stocks—rebound.

There’s no telling how long things will stay like this, though.

Just like any sale, it has to end at some point—so don’t miss out!

To be frank, it’s a once-in-an-investor’s-lifetime opportunity.

Think about it. Canada seized the treasure trove of energy when oil prices were close to $100 a barrel.

And it would be naïve to think our northern neighbors—or any other country involved in energy production—didn’t know the day would come that oil prices would fall.

How couldn’t they? It’s happened before.

But here’s the thing: Just like the tides, they were also fully aware that prices would go back up—and eventually stay there.

After all, there’s only so much oil on the planet. Someday it’s going to run out.

As supplies dwindle, the riches that flow from the Arctic could be worth far more than $8.8 trillion.

This is your last, best chance to buy into this land grab for pennies on the dollar.

Because when prices go back up this time, they may not come back down.

And if they do, I’ll guarantee you one thing: You’ll already be cashed out with a hefty profit if you follow my advice.

Remember, I’ve shown my subscribers a handsome number of 10-baggers from Canadian energy companies.

In fact, two of the companies you’ll get in my “Arctic Fire Sale” report are up 1,007% and 1,271%.

That’s in spite of oil prices cratering!

And while dividends may sound boring to you after gains of that size, I do want to point out that one of the companies in the report yields a giant check producing 6.6%, and another pays out a sizeable 5.8%.

Are there any lower than that? Yes.

But the lowest dividend you’ll see from any of the companies I showed you today is 2.6%.

And that’s still MORE than the paltry number an average S&P 500 stock pays.

It’s like getting paid to sit back and watch your share prices race higher.

Look, even with everything I just showed you, I know that spending your hard-earned money on investment advice probably isn’t at the top of your to-do list.

That’s why I want you to take a 90-day risk-free test-drive of Canadian Edge.

When you do, I’ll immediately send you a free copy of the special report “How to Profit from Canada’s Arctic Fire Sale.”

The five companies in this report are just the beginning.

As the Arctic story continues to develop, and as Canada’s relationship with China (and other energy-starved countries) grows, there will be even more profitable opportunities ahead.

And remember, you can get into most of them at steeply discounted prices…

… for now.

You certainly can’t say that about most U.S.-based stocks these days… especially ones with the kind of upside potential I just showed you.

Here’s something else I think you’ll really like.

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Deon Vornooy

Deon Vernooy
Chief Investment Strategist
Canadian Edge

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