Nothing builds wealth like Canadian Edge.
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Roger Conrad & David Dittman

Roger Conrad   David Dittman

"How can these Canadian firms pay such high dividends? What's the catch?"

It seems so many investors are accustomed to the tiny dividends from most U.S. stocks, mutual funds, et al. that our high-dividend picks seem too good to be true. Or there must be a catch or penalty.

Well, there's no catch. And no one could call 10% yields a penalty!

Canadian executives believe in paying back investors handsomely for their money. They keep a tidy balance sheet and run a no-frills operation.

Plus, their banking system is ranked number one in the world and they never had a subprime crisis. 

So don't be afraid to send your money to our Canadian neighbors! 

Not every Canadian outfit is worth your investment dollar.  But the ones we track in Canadian Edge are close to a near-perfect investment with super-generous dividends and near-perfect safety.  You'll find 33 vetted holdings in our portfolios and an 80 more that we track for you.

The Canadian firms we recommend in the Edge will treat your money with respect and return 10% dividends. And some will send you checks monthly, too.

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Spectacular dividend
yields... 10%

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If you need to plump up your dividend check, consider “Roger Conrad's 30”—safe, rock-solid businesses that pay you up to 10% yields.  Roger and David Dittman have shown thousands of investors the easy path to safe, super-high dividend investing with their advisory service, Canadian Edge.

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Canadian Edge is the only advisory that tells you how to build wealth quickly and safely from a little-known investment class—Canadian trusts and super-high dividend-paying Canadian corporations. And you can try it free for 30 days. Thirty days with unlimited access to 33 portfolio picks and 80 other high dividend-paying Canadian firms.

In the Conservative portfolio, 18 out of 19 holdings give you dividends that have NEVER been cut—while yielding up to 10%. What other service could possibly match  that performance?  What other advisory could possibly hand you sky-high yields and near-total safety?

Here's just a sample:

  • A blockbuster cinema trust that offers you "Hollywood investing" without the risk
  • A medical test and imaging trust that just expanded into the lucrative U.S. market
  • An agricultural trust whose profits are (partly) guaranteed by the U.S. government
  • The food distribution trust with rock-solid contracts that pays you 10% dividends
  • A transportation biz with a contract-bound clientele and yielding just under 9%
  • An apartment trust with high occupancy rates—and it’s a tax-free business

Plus, if you're willing to accept a little more risk, Canada's oil and gas trusts are now a fire sale value—selling for less than the value of the assets they have in the ground.

And Canadian Edge portfolio picks give you at least three times the return of the Dow.

Canadian Edge is your window on a near-perfect investment. And you can sample it for 30 days free.

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