The Walmart Wealth Effect

Consistent seven-figure profits guaranteed by the world’s largest retailer! This is the fastest, safest, most reliable way to grow your capital... with a little-known superstock backed by Walmart.

Way up north, a Real Estate Investment Trust is quietly inking multiple lease agreements with many of the largest retailers. The term on these lease agreements is typically 50 years!

This uber-REIT currently leases close to 60 million square feet. Target and Walmart are driving a 97.6% occupancy rate for this super-REIT.

Rental rates are up, and new property acquisitions are moving ahead at full bore.

Perhaps that’s why their Chief Operating Officer recently said they’re very bullish on 2013 and 2014... and they’ll likely recommend a dividend increase to their board this year. As you know, dividend increases get priced into a stock before they actually happen.

So, this REIT could skyrocket 400% in the next year or so—no matter what happens to the economy. All while you watch your wealth double, and double again, and again, and again...

You’ll be trotting to your mailbox to pick up your great big, FAT distribution check every month. A 60-bagger with double-digit monthly income. SWEET!

Just keep listening to find out how you can take advantage of this little-known superstock and profit from this safe and growing high yield.

I promise to tell you the whole story in just a minute. This is the fastest, safest, most reliable way to grow your capital—consistent 7-figure profits guaranteed by the world’s largest retailer!


Now, before we go any further, I’d like to tell you a quick story.

In 1945, with a personal loan from his father-in-law and money he’d saved in the Army, Sam Walton leased an old Ben Franklin variety store down in Newport, Arkansas.

65 years later, the most powerful retailer on Earth sells an astonishing $28 million worth of goods every hour... around the clock... 7 days a week... 365 days a year.

From bicycles, jewelry and diapers to socks, toys, toothpaste and hundreds of thousands of other consumer products, Walmart is #1 across the board in every sales category.

Walmart operates the largest private trucking fleet on the globe... and the New York Times says the retail giant’s computer network contains more data than the entire Internet!

On Wall Street, Walmart has proven to be a money machine.

The stock (NYSE: WMT) has gone from a split-adjusted, dividend-adjusted $0.16 per share in 1980 to $74 today.

How powerful is Walmart?

So powerful that you can now become a Walmart millionaire without ever buying a single share of the retailer’s stock!

How, you ask?

Find companies that have recently signed a new deal or are expanding an existing relationship with the world’s biggest retailer, and... you’ll retire wealthy in a decade or less.

Time and time again, when this 900-pound gorilla partners with a small, publicly traded company, that company’s stock skyrockets into the stratosphere.

In helping my loyal Canadian Edge investment newsletter subscribers grow their wealth, I’ve tracked this stunningly lucrative trend for 8 consecutive years.

In my research department, we’ve dubbed it...

The Walmart Wealth Effect.

Small company inks a big deal with Walmart... investors make a fortune, adding six or seven figures to their brokerage accounts.

Regardless of recessions, wars, stock market crashes, politicians and God knows what else, this cycle has played out again and again and again.

Consider the Cott Corporation... By Wall Street standards this was a tiny company a few years ago, worth just a couple hundred million dollars.

All of a sudden Cott landed a contract with Walmart, becoming the exclusive supplier of private-label, generic soda and other nonalcoholic beverages.

I don’t have to tell you what happened next...

The stock sprinted north of $3 a share. It punched through $5... gapped to $10... and then Cott exploded, rocketing to $30 as the fund managers woke up and started buying...

Most people think investing in a generic soda maker is a boring, slow-moving business... but not when that company hands investors gains of 1,238% in three years!

The very same thing happened with a little under-the-radar stock called Cal-Maine Foods. Most people have never even heard of this outfit.

If you told a broker or analyst on Wall Street that you were going to buy stock in a Mississippi company that sells eggs, the “professionals” would have laughed and said you were absolutely crazy.

Back in 2000, Cal-Maine did not even mention Walmart in their annual report. And then Walmart expanded the relationship, becoming the company’s biggest egg distributor overnight.

Walmart now accounts for nearly 40% of Cal-Maine sales... a jaw-dropping $329 million in 2009 (that’s a lot of eggs!).

Cal-Maine went from being a tiny penny stock nobody outside of the Mississippi Delta had ever heard of to a cash-gushing giant. The stock is up 2,176% since 2002.

There are loads of other examples:

Just to name a few...

Over and over and over again, the Walmart Wealth Effect has helped ordinary investors pocket extraordinary profits!

And that brings me to the opportunity we have before us today...

If you think selling eggs to Walmart makes a stock pop, imagine being Walmart’s landlord for the next 50 years!

I’ve identified a brand-new opportunity for you to fully leverage the Walmart Wealth Effect... all the way to the bank!

Up until recently, Walmart was buying more than $800 million worth of land EACH MONTH.

Today, Walmart has the same ravenous appetite for land. But the retail giant is leasing properties. Not buying.

Walmart’s strategic plan in North America during the next few decades calls for leasing property to penetrate big urban areas like the District of Columbia, Philadelphia and New York City.

And after successfully testing prototype models, the big-box behemoth is poised to begin a neighborhood rollout of its smaller-format, higher-end Marketside stores.

After carefully evaluating over 130 different companies and 9 Indian tribes during the past year and a half, I’ve identified one Real Estate Investment Trust that is going to end up being the BIG Walmart winner!

This Real Estate Investment Trust is exclusively focused on retail real estate. Their core strategy involves leasing neighborhood shopping centers anchored by supermarkets.

The trust owns and manages a huge portfolio of popular shopping centers in big urban areas in Canada and the northeastern United States. Their ownership interest contains an aggregate of over 60 million square feet.

My top-secret recommendation has already inked multiple lease agreements with the world’s biggest retailer. The term on these lease agreements is typically 20 years, plus six 5-year renewals, for a total of 50 years!

Of course, Walmart isn’t their only blue-chip client. The trust has a diverse roster of Fortune 500 clients including Safeway and Giant grocery stores, Lowe’s, PetSmart and Staples.

This Real Estate Investment Trust presents investors with an unusually lucrative opportunity, for two reasons...

(1) Walmart’s transition from buying land to leasing land has gone almost completely unnoticed by the so-called “professionals” on Wall Street.

As my top-secret recommendation is discovered and starts to gap higher, the Wall Street pros will pile into the stock and drive it higher and higher up the charts.

(2) In the third quarter, the trust completed six acquisitions. This new pool of earnings has not yet been factored into the future monthly distribution payments to unit-holders.

I would conservatively estimate this trust could end up skyrocketing by more than 600% over the next few quarters, no matter what happens in the U.S. economy or the stock market.

In addition to this big winner being a remarkable growth stock, it’s also an income play. The trust will mail you a big, fat distribution check every single month!

This investment opportunity has the potential to change your financial future. And the financial future of your children. And grandchildren. YES—it’s that BIG!

And this is why it’s on my radar screen as one of THE most successful Canadian income trusts of all time and a potential 60-bagger!

Who am I? Where am I? And why in the world would you ever want to listen to me?

My name is David Dittman.

I′m one of the founding strategists of Canadian Edge, the leading U.S. authority on Canadian income trusts, along with several other exclusive investment newsletters, including the award-winning Utility Forecaster.

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Yes, we’ve enjoyed tremendous success at Canadian Edge. Let me share just a few.

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For example, since its inception in 1994, Vermilion Energy Trust’s up an astounding 46,870%. That’s 468-to-1! The original unit-holders have seen each $10,000 investment explode into $4,687,000 of profits.

I’ve built my career around finding high-yield dividends. For close to 23 years, I’ve edited financial newsletters without a single losing year in my Income Portfolio.

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In a nutshell, a select group of Canadian businesses are STILL reaping the positive benefits from their income trust roots.

As you probably know, Canadian income trusts were set up in 1985 with certain tax advantages to help the Canadian energy industry thrive. And thrive they did!

That is, until the 2006 “Halloween Massacre.” On that day, the Canadian government shocked the investing world by announcing that all Canadian income trusts (except Canadian REITs) would lose their tax-advantaged status on January 1, 2011, and be taxed as corporations.

The ignorant masses ran for the hills. The Canadian trust index plummeted 17.8% in two weeks. “Seasoned” analysts irresponsibly announced that U.S. investors would now face an additional 31.5% tax on trusts.


My well-informed subscribers and I knew better and bought while there was blood in the streets. The 31 trusts that converted to corporate status before the deadline returned an astounding 45.3%. And they continue to head higher while regularly increasing their dividends.

But the party is far from over for one big reason: The ongoing management teams of these former trusts are their biggest shareholders.


Paying out big, fat and growing dividends, as they were required to do as trusts, became part of their ethos. It’s the only way they know.

And now you can join me and my Canadian Edge subscribers as their primary beneficiary... with 10%-plus dividend checks delivered to your mailbox every month.

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David Dittman
Chief Strategist, Canadian Edge